preprints and technical reports

in reversed chronological order


  1. Johannes Hirth, Tom Hanika
    The Geometric Structure of Topic Models


  1. Maximilian Stubbemann, Tobias Hille, Tom Hanika
    Selecting Features by their Resilience to the Curse of Dimensionality
    preprint (2023).


  1. Bastian Schäfermeier, Gerd Stumme, Tom Hanika
    Mapping Research Trajectories
    preprint (2022).
  2. Johannes Hirth, Tom Hanika
    Formal Conceptual Views in Neural Networks
    preprint (2022).
  3. Dominik Dürrschnabel, Tom Hanika, Gerd Stumme
    Discovering Locally Maximal Bipartite Subgraphs
    preprint (2022).


  1. Bastian Schäfermeier, Gerd Stumme, Tom Hanika
    Topological Indoor Mapping through WiFi Signals
    preprint (2021).
  2. Bastian Schäfermeier, Gerd Stumme, Tom Hanika
    Towards Explainable Scientific Venue Recommendations
    preprint (2021).


  1. Tom Hanika, Marek Herde, Jochen Kuhn, Jan Marco Leimeister, Paul Lukowicz, Sarah Oeste-Reiß, Albrecht Schmidt, Bernhard Sick, Gerd Stumme, Sven Tomforde, Katharina Anna Zweig
    Collaborative Interactive Learning - A clarification of terms and a differentiation from other research fields
    CoRR abs/1905.07264 (2019),.